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How The Herbal Alchemist is making luxury affordable through natural skincare

Herbal Alchemy

Alchemy is the magical process of transformation, creation or combination. Essentially, you’re taking something basic and turning it into something else: something with new properties and value. Can you imagine? Creating something incredible using what you have, even if its potential isn’t obvious in its current form.

Herbal Alchemy taps into the abundance and power of the plant teachers that surround us to create luxurious products that can improve our overall wellbeing and transform the way we interact with the world. Through herbal alchemy, we can heal our minds, bodies, and spirits to find harmony with nature.


Internal Alchemy

Growing up, money was tight. I mean, Vienna sausages and toast for dinner tight. With the state of our finances, there were a lot of things that just weren’t a priority in my family. 

Self-care was definitely one of those things. 


I watched my parents and the sacrifices they made by choosing the cheapest products on the shelves. We used bars of soap that stripped our skin, lotions that were riddled with additives and fillers, and kept our gazes down, away from the pricier, cleaner beauty products that did not fit into the already thinly stretched budget.

Even as a kid, I understood. It’s hard to justify buying anything beyond what’s necessary, especially when some price tags can be as expensive as a utility bill. It’s a lot easier to internalize the idea that you don’t deserve the high quality products because of their pricing.


The poor man’s paradox in a nutshell says that since quality usually comes with a price, only those with the money are able to enjoy the luxury of quality products. If you don’t have the money, you get stuck making purchases based on their price, rather than features, quality, or preference. Then, long-term, you end up paying more to make up for the poor quality of your $4 drug store lotions.


Inside of that hamster wheel of decision making, a mental dialogue plays on a loop.


“I’ll just settle for this cheaper lotion, the bottle is bigger”

“This seems way too fancy for me”

“I want this serum, but I shouldn’t spend money on something like that”

“I don’t deserve to treat myself to this experience.”


The conversations we have with ourselves lead us to internalize limiting beliefs about what we do and don’t deserve, and form attitudes that hold us back from accessing our unlimited abundance.


“How you talk to yourself, in your head, determines how you feel about yourself, and determines the actions you take.”
― Maddy Malhotra, How to Build Self-Esteem and Be Confident: Overcome Fears, Break Habits, Be Successful and Happy


Here are some truths:

  • We are surrounded by powerful plants that can improve the quality of our lives

  • What you deserve has nothing to do with what you may be able to afford right now

  • Your financial status does NOT determine your value

  • Your bank balance does NOT determine the quality of life you should have access to

  • You deserve to experience luxury in abundance with affordable plant-based skincare!


Our mission?

Our mission at The Herbal Alchemist is to empower communities to live in abundance and harmony with nature through high-quality products that enrich our bodies and elevate our minds.

We’re working hard to share the gifts of the Earth by creating luxurious, plant-powered skincare affordable to communities that deserve it. 

We’re breaking down the barriers of accessibility and scarcity that push many of us to believe we deserve anything but the best. Access to nature shouldn’t be a luxury, and we’re shouting it from the mountaintops.


Who am I?

The Herbal Alchemist is so much more than a business to me. It’s an opportunity to serve, educate, and uplift my community. It’s a passion project that has shown me that I deserve so much more out of life than I’ve been settling for. I (you) deserve nice things. I (you) deserve to slow down and delight in the experience of taking time for self-care. I (you) deserve the joy of healthy, hydrated, and happy skin. The Herbal Alchemist will transform the way you look at skincare. Give us a try, you deserve it!

You also deserve to take  20% off your entire order when you use the code ALCHEMY at checkout! Valid until January 31, 2023. Minimum purchase of $30.00

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