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The Herbal Alchemist is open for in person shopping as a part of Sanctuary for Sustainable Artistry's Micro Market! We are located at:

977 Broadway, Oakland, CA, 94607.

Wednesday: 11am - 7pm

Thursday: 11am - 7pm

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Saturday: 11am - 7pm

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The Herbal Alchemist

Sade Adeyemi

Made with love in Concord, California

My name is Sade Adeyemi, and I’m the Herbal Alchemist. I’m also a person who has never identified with the beauty industry.

My mom was diagnosed with cancer when I was 10 and I became her primary caregiver pretty early on. Money was usually really tight, and I watched my parents choose the cheap products we could afford, and sacrifice quality. Needless to say, with everything going on at home, self-care wasn’t a priority for me.

As I got older, I struggled with eczema, and was constantly embarrassed, not just because of my dry patches and ashiness, but also from the shame of not knowing how to properly care for my skin.

I couldn’t keep up with the cost of the clean beauty products that were able to meet my needs, and I saved the last bits of my expensive sample sizes to make them last longer. That revealed beliefs from my childhood around scarcity that I didn’t deserve to have nice things, or enjoy the luxury of truly showing intentional love to my body. I started to make my own skincare products using ingredients that are safe, natural and nourishing, and was so amazed by the results. 

As I’ve grown my business and interacted with my customers, its become clear that others have shared similar experiences and settled for less because their bank balance has led them to believe that’s what they deserve.

This company is my way of saying, I deserve more, and so do you. We’re working to break down the barriers of accessibility that push many of us to believe we deserve anything but the best, and make decisions that perpetuate that belief. 

After spending years creating my own natural products, I’m honored to share what I’ve learned with my community! I am committed to creating luxurious, high-quality body products, naturally. The plants that surround us have some incredible benefits for your hair, body and skin. That’s why all of my products are handcrafted and free of all parabens, preservatives and artificial stabilizers.

Healthy, happy skin shouldn’t break the bank.

Be Well!