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Cold Infused

We cold infuse our herbal infusions to maintain the integrity of our plant healers. This process gets the greatest benefits from the botanicals to your skin.

Our herbs are all organic and sourced from ethical and sustainable farms.

Our ingredients are chosen with intention for their benefits for skin health and radiance.
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Creating indulgent self-care experiences powered by plants.

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to indulge in self-care?

I’m not talking about spa days, long vacations, and complicated plans. I’m talking about the little escapes that you can take every day to honor your beautiful and powerful temple?

Unpopular opinion here: but self-care doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.
It just needs to be intentional.

And that intention doesn’t just change how you look and feel, it spills over into every area of your life.

I created The Herbal Alchemist to make indulgent self-care experiences accessible to everyone, by harnessing the power of nature to provide the most intentional and aligned skincare products that give you permission to say “YES!” to yourself, even if it's only for a few moments a day.

- Sade Adeyemi
CEO & Head Alchemist

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